Hello, if you are reading this, you either clicked the wrong link, are bored, or you are really interested in me šŸ™‚
In any case, you are warmly welcomed to keep reading.

For those of you who have just limited time:
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My name is Philipp and I am a computer and sport enthusiast. While I adoreĀ coding (anything fromĀ small bash scripts for daily use to big european projects)Ā andĀ tinkering/playing around with anything which is programmable (Raspberry Pi, Android, and co),Ā I need to zone out regulary, do bodyweight workout or go running 3-5 times a week and for me it is more important to exercise in groups rather than alone.
In Octobre 2015, I finished my Dr. techn. in Computer Science. During my studies I got to know another passion from me: travelling the world.