Professional Experience

Apr 16 – Dec 16 Senacor, Vienna
Senior Software Developer
Sep 12 – Feb 16 TU Wien, Distributed Systems Group, Vienna Austria
Researcher, Project Assistant
Developed a personal mobility assistant for Android including an automatic scaling platform for the Cloud (FP7 funded, 10 Partners in 7 Countries). As work-package lead managed a team of 6 developers spanning 4 different companies. Participated in requirement analysis and coordinated the creation of a 230 pages functional specification. Coordinate the implementation of a scalable service runtime environment in the Cloud.Team size: 20+ (from 10 partner companies in 7 countries).
Feb 15 – May 15 NICTA, Software Systems Research Group, Sydney, Australia
Visiting Researcher
Created an automatic scaling platform on four dimensions for Docker containers and Virtual Machines in the Cloud. Applied a multi-objective optimization model.Team size: 4 researchers, 1 developer.
Jul 09 – Sep 09 Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (FTW), Vienna, Austria
Created an energy-aware mobile tracker for e-cars and e-bikes designed for Android. Planned, designed and implemented the tool in a 2 person team.Team size: 2 developers.
Mar 10 – Feb 12 Plandata, Vienna, Austria
Software Engineer
Implemented food calculator algorithms for cattle farming. Essential role in requirement analysis, project planning from software architecture design to implementation.Team size: 6 developers.
Feb 10 – Feb 12 OpenEngSB (Open Source Project), Vienna, Austria
Software Engineer
As part of the Project Management Committee (PMC) of the open source project, participated in project planning as well as technology research, software quality assurance and implementation. Created an easy-to-use and easy-to-adapt platform for tool integration.Team size: 10+ developers.
Feb 10 – Feb 12 Siemens AG, Vienna, Austria
Software Engineer (Internship)
Participated in the development of an energy management application for Abu Dhabi. Software planing, design and implementation of a graphical representation of data.Team size: 5+ developers.


Mar 13 – Oct 2015 TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
Doctor technicae (Dr.techn.) in Computer Science
Cloud Computing, Research of Elastic Business Process Execution and Efficient Resource Management in the Cloud. Authored and co-authored over 4 journals and 9 papers and workshop proceedings.
For more information see my google scholar profile.Thesis: An Automatic Scaling Platform for Elastic Business Processes in the Cloud.
Mar 11 – Mar 2013 TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
Master of Science (MSc), Software Engineering & Internet Computing
Distributed System Technologies, Elastic Processes, Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud Computing.Thesis: ViePEP — Vienna Platform for Elastic Processes: An automatic scaling BPMS for the Cloud.
Feb 12 – Jul 2012 University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Semester Abroad in the Distributed Systems Engineering Group
Research in the field of elastic business process enactment in a distributed environment
Sep 07 – Mar 2011 TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
Bachelor of Science (BSc), Software Engineering & Information Engineering
Software Project Management, Software Architecture Design, Project Planning, Software Development.Thesis: Research in the field of Behavior-Driven-Development